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Dementia Care 2019 | Avail Group Registration Benefits

On behalf of Pulsus Group, we are honoured to invite you to join the 10th International Conference on Dementia and Dementia Care which will be held from July 24-25, 2019 at Rome, Italy. The conference will be organized around the theme “Enlightening the Advancements in Dementia Research and Care”. Dementia Care 2019 has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Committee.We will likely convey an extraordinary program which covers the whole range of research in Dementia and Dementia care and share the multifaceted encounters of different treatment methodology and Care Practices. Dementia Care 2019 is an annual gabfest which glazes the entire range of research in Dementia and Dementia care and shares the various encounters of different treatment methodology and Care Practices. It is the platform for all the innovators, researchers, organizations, scholars, caretakers to discuss and exhibit the recent advancements in the treatment,…

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Dementia Care 2019 | Group Registration Benefits

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