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Dementia Care 2019 | Session on Clinical Trials and Drug Development

Rigorous clinical trials on Dementia drugs are continuing in USA and UK under the guidance of Alzheimer’s society and it is reported that there is very less participation of people . The most of drugs are in second and third phases. Most of clinical trials are done in specific areas are amyloid beta plaques, the immune system, tau tangles . New medications for Dementia being developed in 2014/2015, 31% were named symptoms modifying. There are many developments are going on in Drug discovery of Dementia as old treatments are unable to stop the progression of Dementia. Most associations share their exploration on new medications for Dementia in Dementia conferences to get higher esteem to their items. This gets to be distinctly gainful to different geriatric doctors to redesign themselves with such medications and progressing possibilities by going to Dementia conferences. Such Dementia meetings will help researchers to know target areas for Drug development in Dementia and work toward…

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